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At Evergreen we utilize 3D design technology as part of our standard design process to show you exactly what your property will look like before the construction project begins. 

Using VIP 3-D by design software by Structure Studios, our team will create a detailed rendering of your property with all of the elements you have dreamed of.  By showcasing your project in such a way; we are able to make any modifications to the design prior to the start of construction.  This puts our clients in their space before a shovel touches the ground.

We have completed over 10,000 successful projects since 1996, and they all started with a clear, well thought out plan.  This will not only help us communicate your vision, but also creates the template our team uses to deliver on that vision.

Our 3D Design Process


We will discuss your ideas and goals for the project, as well as any specific needs or concerns you may have, including important factors such as topography.

Create a 3D Model

We use software to create a detailed 3-D model of your project.  This design will include all of the key elements of your project; such as pool positioning, patios and walkways, retaining walls,  placement of an  outdoor kitchen and fireplace and it will even detail the layout for plant and tree installation. 


Construction drawings are created from the 3-D rendering to ensure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.

We believe that our 3D design process is the best way to plan and visualize a landscaping project, and we’re confident that you’ll love the results.


VIP 3D by Structure Studios:

VIP 3-D by Structure Studios is our software of choice.  With its ability to convert 2-D drawings into 3-D imaging with the click of a button; it allows us to be more efficient, by completing your designs in a timely manner.  3-D auto rendering is another way we can be more proficient with our designs, as we do not need multiple programs to deliver the same vision.

VIP 3-D has stunning 3-D visuals, a large library of preloaded materials and the ability to import and customize materials specific to your project.  Its library of low voltage lighting options along with true shadowing; allows us to showcase your project any time of day or night.

The virtual walkthrough experience puts you in the space; long before a shovel touches the ground.  The virtual walkthrough experience will allow you to view the space from all angles, giving you the ultimate perspective of finished product.
VIP 3-D also makes permitting and HOA approvals a breeze with its ability to generate 2-D construction drawings with ease.  Everything you will need to submit to your township or HOA available in seconds.

VIP 3-D by Structure Studios is great professional design software that creates lifelike Outdoor Living Spaces.  VIP 3-D will put you at the center of the experience, by allowing you to transcend the space long before construction begins.

3D Design Gallery

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Let us show you how our 3-D Design allows us to deliver the ultimate experience for all of your outdoor living needs.  By keeping your project on schedule and within budget, there are no surprises during the construction process.  Contact us today to discuss how we can utilize our 3-D technology to bring  your vision to life.