The DeAngelo Family

When the homeowner reached out to Evergreen to discuss a potential pool renovation project; it quickly turned into something so much more. At the initial consultation, the homeowner mentioned the possibility of adding an outdoor kitchen and fire feature. At that point the design team went to work. After a couple revisions, a final location was agreed upon for the kitchen and fire pit. Turkish travertine was sourced for not only the decking, but the kitchen, fire pit and bench as well. The colors were chosen to create enough contrast between vertical and horizontal surfaces without competing though out the space. Travertine decking was extended to the water’s edge to create a seamless transition from coping to decking. The custom stone bench was created with dual intentions: 1. It could be used to create a comfortable seating area at the new fire pit and 2. Provide a barrier along the back side of the patio in lieu of a railing. The gourmet kitchen comes equipped to handle anything from Sunday dinner with the family to a large scale event. Placement of the kitchen came after much thought and deliberation. The final decision was made to connect the kitchen to the pool house; making it more convenient for guests seeking shelter from excessive sun or inclement weather. Lynx appliances and cabinetry were sourced for this installation; making any chef jealous. Custom granite countertops were brought in to finish things off. Volt lighting was incorporated throughout the installation to low light the space during the evening hours. The end result looks like you are vacationing in a Tuscan villa.