Custom Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Amid the chaos of your day-to-day, you deserve an outdoor retreat that brings a sense of peace and calm, and most importantly one that sparks joy. One of the simplest ways to transform your backyard into an escape is with a custom-built fire feature. Whether you’re entertaining family over the holidays, or winding down after a long day, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the perfect gathering place for warmth, relaxation, and conversation.

Fire Pits

A custom fire pit can be as simple or ornate as you want it to be. Our artisan masons are experts in crafting fire pits from natural stone, concrete, and brick. A wood-burning fire pit is built by creating a shell of non-combustible materials surrounded by an aesthetic masonry design. 

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The most common fire pit designs are either circular or square, but at Evergreen Hardscaping, the sky is the limit in terms of design. Depending on the type of fire pit you choose, it may or may not need concrete footings to support it.


An outdoor fireplace adds both charm and functionality to your outdoor space. Whether you’re building a backyard retreat or simply installing a cozy gathering place; outdoor fireplaces add a unique design flair, as well as a significant heat source. Due to the weight of the structure, outdoor fireplaces should be built on concrete footings to ensure years of worry free enjoyment.

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These outdoor fire places often include built in wood storage, iron tools for handling wood and ash, they will always be lined with firebrick and have vented chimneys. Outdoor fireplaces are traditionally wood burning, but can be built using a gas burner and in some instances, both.

Fire Bowls

A fire bowl brings a modern, artistic touch to your space, without the cleanup of a traditional fire pit. Our fire bowls are gas-powered, and operation is as easy as the press of a button. A fire bowl is most often filled with natural lava rocks, decorative fire glass, or artificial vented logs.

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While a fire bowl won’t put off as much heat as a fire pit or fireplace, they do provide a desirable ornamental focal point to outdoor seating areas.

Fully Custom Design

Our goal is to provide you with a custom fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl that looks as great as it feels. Materials are completely customizable, and our hardscaping experts are ready to make any vision come to life.

Evergreen Hardscaping can source a wide variety of stone, brick, and other masonry materials for your fire feature. We will be able to mirror your homes current architecture by sourcing stone or brick to match the existing theme. For those that are looking for that eclectic flair; we will create a custom stand alone center piece that complements the existing exterior.

All of our outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls are designed with aesthetics and durability in mind. Enjoy your custom gathering place for decades to come.

Fuel Source:

  • Wood
  • Natural Gas / Propane
  • Wood and gas combination

 Unlike some companies that install prefabricated aluminum kits with faux brick paneling, our fire pits and fireplaces are constructed using fire retardant masonry units, all customizable with stone and brick accents.

Evergreen’s Design and Installation Process

With decades of experience, Evergreen Hardscaping designers understand every nuance that comes with a custom outdoor installation. Our simple design and installation process ensures your fire pit, fireplace or fire bowl is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Consultation & Custom Design

After the consultation for your outdoor space; we will go over and in depth design presentation with you. At this point you will be able to see and get a feel for the different material options to finalize your decision. Once the design is aligned with your vision; we are ready to bring the space to life.


Material Selection & Sourcing

At Evergreen, we don’t just sell materials or pre-fab kits for the customer to put together. We provide full service design / build services to create the fire feature of your dreams. We will work hand in hand to create the fire pit, fireplace or fire bowl to complement the existing style of your home and landscape.



We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a quality product while upholding the highest levels of professionalism. We take pleasure in knowing that our team will execute seamlessly and delivery on time and on budget. Our artisan masons will install your fire feature quickly, pay attention to the smallest of details and make sure the site is spotless and ready to be enjoyed.

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While you have several options for outdoor fire feature installation, no company compares to the experience, attention to detail, and customization found at Evergreen Hardscaping. What sets our custom outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls apart? Our commitment to customer satisfaction, consistent communication throughout your project, and real stonework completed by skilled craftsmen.