Custom Water Features

When deciding how to design your outdoor water feature, do not settle for anything but the best.  Evergreen is Delaware’s most notable Design Build Firm with the resume to back it up.  We have been transforming outdoor spaces for the past three decades with completely customized installations including ponds, waterfalls, grottos and more.  Our desire to deliver perfection, makes us your best option in the tri-state area.  Let us turn your vision into reality.

Benefits of Water Features


A strategically placed water feature will enhance any outdoor space.  Studies have shown that the sound of flowing water along with the serene imagery can bring a feeling of calm to your mind.  The gentle trickle of a waterfall can deliver an immense feeling of serenity and relaxation.  This is a space of peace and tranquility that is perfect for bringing people together and connecting on another level.  Water features create a destination where you can freeze time and melt away your worries and stress.  

Here at Evergreen, nature is our canvas … where we can transform any outdoor space to Zen like environment you deserve.  Are you ready to embark on a journey with Evergreen?

Types of Water Features



Fountains are a great way to accentuate the natural beauty of any yard.  Subtle and elegant, they provide a peaceful atmosphere for all to gather.  Fountains will often lead to birds bathing and other wildlife playing in its water; connecting us at an even deeper level with nature.


Ponds can come in any shape or size, giving them unmatched flexibility incorporating them into any space.  Whether you are looking for a swim pond, a Koi pond or a riverbed, to move water, the design team at Evergreen will create the perfect feature to compliment your outdoor living space.


Waterfalls are the perfect way to incorporate the sounds of water into a pond or swimming pool.  Although installation techniques will vary, the desired effect will be the same.  The sound of water streaming over rocks, will soothe weariest of souls.  With so many different types of stone, waterfalls

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can be customized to fit any vision.  Incorporating boulders and slab rock, we can create the waterfall of your dreams. 


Grottos will incorporate the the sounds of a waterfall with the majestic look of your own private cave.  Using large boulders, slab rock and building stone, a grotto will transform any space into an oasis.  Creating a destination to be enjoyed by all.  Waterslides can be incorporated into the design; which are fun for the entire family.

Our Water Feature

Installation Process


Any type of water feature will help create a serene space by adding the sound of moving water.  It is important that no matter which water feature you choose, proper preparation goes into not only the planning but the execution of the installation.  Our 3-D design software ensures that your vision translates to the finished product you have been dreaming of.    Do not leave the craftsmanship to chance.  The aesthetics and visuals are crucial to creating a natural flowing water feature.  Ensuring that skimmer boxes and liners are hidden, are necessary if you are trying to create a natural pond or stream.  Understanding stone placement is essential to creating natural drops and water movement, the way nature intended.

Equally important; if not more important than aesthetics is structural integrity.  Ensuring that fountains have the proper coatings; you can eliminate costly repairs due to inappropriate recommendations.  Pond construction can open the floodgates of issues if quality control is lacking during installation.  Ponds require not only a high end liner, but the proper underlayment to ensure a leak free environment.  Extra special care must also be given to the placement of stones as to not damage the new liner during construction.  When it comes to waterfalls and grottos, it is extremely important to understand the necessary structural support needed to construct these features.  Under the pressure of these giant rocks, the structure can crumble if the appropriate footings are not part of the installation.  A small waterfall will start at about 6,000 lbs. and can go upwards of 100,000 lbs. as the size of the water feature increases.  Some grotto ledgestone’s can be in excess of 20,000 lbs. putting an overall grotto build in excess 150,000 – 300,000 lbs.  Proper planning; as well as the understanding of footer size, placement and strength is imperative to constructing an aesthetically pleasing and safe water feature.  If these details are adhered to, you can expect years of enjoyment for the entire family.

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Transform your outdoor living space with Evergreen.  Let us bring your vision to life by making your dreams a reality.  Our client first mentality ensures that our team of professionals will listen to your goals while making professional recommendations to pull your entire project together as cohesively as possible.  If you are ready to create a transformative experience that heals the soul, nourishes the body, and awakens the spirit; contact us today to start your journey.