Fiberglass Pools

What Is a fiberglass pool?

A fiberglass pool is a one piece swimming pool that is prebuilt from a mold in a factory and shipped to your location. Although you were once limited to a few basic shapes and colors; that is no longer the case. Fiberglass pools offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit your needs. Today’s fiberglass pools and come with built in seating, steps, tanning ledges and even detached spas.

Pros of a Fiberglass Pool


There are many convincing pros to getting a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass inground pools are popular for many logical reasons, from cost and maintenance to installation and overall enjoyment. Here is a list of the pros of a fiberglass inground pool.

Quickest installation time compared to other in-ground pools.

A fiberglass pool is the quickest to install. Once excavation is complete and the gravel base is leveled, the pool is ready to be dropped into the hole. From there plumbing, decking, grading and fencing is completed. Your new fiberglass pool is typically completed in 3-6 weeks.

Less expensive to install than a gunite pool and more cost effective to maintain than other in-ground pools.

Aside from the cheaper cost of installation that you may find with a vinyl pool, the fiberglass pool installation cost falls right between vinyl and concrete pool construction.

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Not only are fiberglass pools more economical to install; they are extremely low maintenance and their operating costs are significantly less over time compared to their vinyl and gunite counterparts. The gel coat provides a non-porous surface that does not allow chemical loss through absorption like gunite and vinyl pools. The gel coat also makes them algae and stain resistant. The 6 layer construction makes fiberglass pools extremely durable and long lasting; which is why most manufacturer’s offer a life time warranty.

Fewer chemicals and maintenance compared to other in-ground pools.

Fiberglass pools generally require the lowest maintenance and lifetime costs compared to their counterparts. The surface of the fiberglass prevents the growth of algae. That means less money gets spent on chemicals.

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You will never have to spend money to resurface or replace the pool liner. Once you have the shell, it should withstand a lifetime of use. The list of maintenance tasks with a fiberglass inground pool is simple. The primary duties include circulating the water through the filtration system once per day and checking the water chemistry before swimmimg.

Cons of a Fiberglass Pool


There are a few disadvantages of a fiberglass pool. Since fiberglass pools are molded from a prefabricated mold, they are not 100% customizable. Although today’s fiberglass pools offer many shapes, sizes, colors and options; you are limited to what the manufacturer offers. Another disadvantage of a fiberglass pool is overall size. Since they are transported in one piece, DOT specifications for transport limits the size of these pools. All pools need heavy equipment to excavate, a fiberglass pool will also need the excavator or a crane to move the pool into its final resting place. Overhead power lines can be a limiting factor when trying to position a fiberglass pool. With any installation, make sure you are working with a quality contractor as faulty installation will void warranties and cause huge complications resulting in costly repairs.

A Fiberglass Pool Is a Good Fit For:


If you are looking for an overall simple and enjoyable experience with your inground pool, a fiberglass pool is a good match for you. Let’s see if some of the other factors are fitting, then you can start the hunt for a fiberglass pool installer.



  • Have a budget of $50k and up.
    Want a pool that does not cost a fortune to operate

Set Pool Designs

  • Can find a fiberglass swimming pool design that meets their needs.

Pool Installation

  • Want a quick and relatively pain-free installation.

Fiberglass Pool Installation and Construction Process


Once you select the model of your fiberglass pool construction can begin. When a delivery date is set, the hole can be dug. When the pool arrives, it will be lowered into the hole and the finish work can be completed. Contact Evergreen to transform your yard into a breathtaking oasis with a Swim USA fiberglass pool.


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