Masonry and Custom Stonescapes

Whether it’s a gently flowing waterfall, a gourmet outdoor kitchen or a warm stone fireplace; our old world masonry techniques will transform your yard into the ultimate backyard destination. We use natural stone, concrete, brick, wood and even metal to create an outdoor space specific to your tastes. Planting trees and shrubs is the perfect way to finish off any outdoor space; creating the perfect blend of both hard and soft scapes. If you are looking for an industry expert to design and build your outdoor project; you have some to the right place. Our team customizes every installation to not only exceed your expectations, the installations will withstand the test of time. Using our 3-D design software, you will see your vision come to life before a single stone is placed. Our team of professionals will walk with you through every step of your journey; creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

Masonry Contractor

Our award-winning team has been transforming and pushing the boundaries of masonry all across Wilmington Delaware and surrounding areas for three decades. Understanding that we are constantly evolving to become better versions of ourselves; we are huge proponents of continuing education. Our entire team partakes in both hands on and classroom training to sharpen their skills and improve production. Because of this; we hold our team to the highest of standards; providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and customer service in the industry. Our consultants will assess your project during the initial consultation, accurately map out each phase of your project; thus ensuring your project will come in on budget every time without sacrificing on quality.

Old World Masonry

Old World Masonry is a part of the craft that specializes in a variety of stone and brickwork. Here at Evergreen, our old-world masonry is expertly used creating beautiful outdoor retreats and designs. Our masons have…
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dedicated themselves to perfecting and performing this ancient art form with precision and finesse.

Artisan Masonry

“Artisan” is a word that means a professional that creates skilled work with their hands, and we don’t use this title lightly. We strive to be an industry leader in the masonry business; and show through our work that our masons are experts in their field…
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Our masonry contributions have been recognized in magazines, local newspapers, as well as the Designing Spaces television show. We have also been awarded the EP Henry Veteran Contractor of the Year award three years in a row. Our masonry contractors are here to show you what artisan masonry really means.

How We Incorporate Different
Materials for Your Masonry Project

Masonry is as much about craftsmanship as it is about incorporating the correct materials for the project. Whether you are looking for a natural looking oasis or a contemporary retreat; the design team at Evergreen knows how to incorporate site specific materials to enhance any space. These materials include:

Natural Stone: Natural stone offers unparalleled authenticity and a timeless installation.

Brick: Infusing spaces with old-world charm, brick remains a classic choice adding old world charm with a modern day warmth.

Concrete: Versatile and robust, concrete can be shaped, stained, or stamped, mimicking natural stone’s allure while ensuring longevity.

Wood and Metal: While wood introduces organic warmth, metals like wrought iron provide functional elegance. Both seamlessly integrate, adding layers to the design.

Composite Materials: A blend of nature and innovation, composites offer design flexibility, marrying aesthetics with durability.

Clay and Terra Cotta: Their earthy tones encapsulate a Mediterranean essence, perfect for artisanal touches.

At Evergreen Hardscaping, we believe in tailored solutions. Our experts guide you in material selection, ensuring your outdoor space not only aligns with your vision but also stands the test of time.


Q: What is Masonry?
Masonry is the art of building and creating out of stone, clay, brick, and concrete. It is one of the world’s oldest trades and it takes many years of training to master the craft. The advantage of masonry is that the materials are often used to be fire resistant; for the structure and the materials underneath. It also provides high resistance to strong weather, pests, and natural disasters.
Q: What services are included in masonry?
Masonry can be used to build a variety of things, but most commonly masonry contractors build floors, walls, walkways, and other structures out of durable materials. Masons can also clean out the excess mortar and restore your custom stonescapes that have decayed over time.

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