The Katzin Project

Whether your project requires modern day flair or the artisanship of a 19th century mason, Evergreen Hardscaping treats every project with the utmost care and professionalism. We were contacted by a client who had purchased a century-old home with a pool that was in a state of extreme disrepair. The client was looking to renovate the pool to make it more fitting to the era of the home. After much discussion, it was decided that the existing pool should be filled in, and a new pool area created on the other side of the property, in closer proximity to the main living space. The goal was to create a destination area that the family could enjoy throughout the year. It was imperative to the client that the new pool and surrounding area follow the early 20th century architecture of the original home. Every detail of the construction needed to stand up on principle. This included: stone type, sizes, colors and vein; pointing style and brick patterns; and a pool house installation that mimicked the slate roof, brick accents, and stone pillars of the 100-year-old home. The finished product is indescribable. The pool boasts a spectacular 54 feet of negative edge that ends with a breathtaking view of the meadow below. The landscape designer was amazed at the seamless transition from the 100-year-old home to the newly installed pool and surround. The result is an amazing destination area for the family to enjoy; that looks as if it were constructed over a century ago.