Evergreen Hardscaping Services in West Chester, PA

Welcome to Evergreen, where we’re excited to offer our expert hardscaping, tree care, and pool renovation services to the vibrant community of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our passion is transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas for all to enjoy.

Our Services

Hardscaping Services

West Chester’s unique blend of historical and contemporary architecture provides a perfect backdrop for our hardscaping services. Whether you’re seeking a quaint cobblestone walkway to complement your historic home or a sleek outdoor kitchen for family and friends get-togethers, Evergreen is here to make it happen.

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We specialize in designing and creating masonry features, attractive pathways with unique lighting, and tranquil water features. Our hardscaping solutions are tailored to enhance both the aesthetic and practical aspects of your West Chester property.

Tree Care Services

In West Chester, our tree care services enhance the overall look and health of your outdoor space. We offer expert pruning, tree removal, and comprehensive health assessments. Our experienced arborists work to ensure that your trees not only add beauty to your hardscape but also remain healthy and vibrant, contributing to the overall charm of your property.

Pool Renovation Services

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our exceptional pool renovation services in West Chester. From stylish resurfacing to adding state-of-the-art features, we ensure your pool area becomes a stunning feature of your home, perfectly in sync with your hardscaped environment. Imagine a beautifully updated pool area, ready to be the centerpiece of your West Chester home’s outdoor space.

Additional Services

Design Services

Old Work Masonry & Custom Stonescapes

Lighting Systems

Horticultural Services


Retaining Walls & Fences

Transitional Spaces & Additions


Our Process


Initial Contact

a. Phone call to unearth your goals.

i. Discuss what you are looking for

ii. Identify decision makers to get both perspectives on the space

iii. Discuss what your dream space looks like

iv. How do you plan to use the new space?

v. Discuss consult fees and design process

Investment Levels
a. Need budgetary numbers and % funded on day one versus over time
i. Will the entire project be completed during phase 1?
ii. Does the project need to be broken down into multiple phases?
iii. What does that vision look like and what is a realistic timeline for completion?

Site Evaluation & Design
a. Map out your vision
b. Create a comprehensive plan to execute that vision.
c. Having completed over 10,000 successful installations since 1996, we know that the only way to a flawless execution is with a well thought out plan. Designs are extremely important as it not only gives a clear understanding of your vision; it also provides the necessary construction documents for installation
d. Will need plot plans and topographic surveys to identify setbacks and building envelopes.

Fees & Retainers
a. Fees will be collected to proceed with the design.
i. Larger project will require a 5% – 10% retainer to move forward with constructions drawings and appropriate permitting where necessary

Design Presentation & Revisions
a. Can be done at our facility, your home or 3rd party location
i. Location will be based on need to showcase materials and products
b. Revisions will be made as needed to finalize the design
i. Are key elements shifted or moved to create more of an impact or are changes needed for functionality purposes?

Finalizing Material Selections
a. At this point materials will be signed off on, acknowledging what the deliverable is going to be.
b. Changes beyond this point may be subject to additional charges and fees.

Scheduling & Project Planning
a. Understanding of the what, when, where and how
b. Projected project date will be established; along with a realistic timeline of the entire construction process.
i. Start dates through completion dates (completely weather & permit dependent)
ii. We will map out a working timeline which will show each phase of your project, and associate that to the calendar to give you a real time understanding of the production schedule.

Project Build
a. Evergreen Hardscaping will keep client updated with schedule as work progresses
b. Evergreen Hardscaping will keep the worksite tidy throughout the project
i. Keep in mind this is an active worksite and should be treated as such
c. Please keep in mind that your property is going through a change and pending how large the project, the prep and staging will be done to minimize disruption, but needs to be done in a way to keep production schedules in tact

YOU Enjoy
a. Once construction is completed, it’s time to start ejoying your space
i. If a walk through is needed, a tutorial given or time to answer any other maintenance questions
b. If the project was phased; we look ahead to the next phase and establish a preplanning meeting to map out the next phase
c. #MakeMemories

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